In a little under two weeks I will embark on my trip to Norway for a month long writing program and in that time I will also get to meet my Icelandic boyfriend's Icelandic parents. They live in Sweden. But here's the problem...
  1. I've been to Iceland twice and I've met a majority of his family and they're wonderful, but I met a couple of his family members that didn't quite like me for whatever reason, but my boyfriend says that I'm fine.
    I'm anxious by nature. Don't tell me that I'm fine when I saw glares from across the room.
  2. The Icelandic people themselves are great people, but as I found out it is possible to piss off a matriarch of a family just by being breathing.
  3. Soo, since it's been years since I met parents...what in the hell do I do?
  4. I've read up on the Icelandic people and I've done my research etc, but what do I do???