Allow me this one thing.
  1. This one >
  2. He relentlessly supports me
    We've been together for almost the entirety of my senior year and he pushes me to succeed in my classes even from across the ocean.
  3. He pushes me to do better
  4. He has given me major confidence in my body
    My mom has projected a lot of her own body issues onto me, and he has scooped those out of me and filled the spaces with love and kind and gentle words.
  5. He has made me a better communicator
    Im a Communications major and it has only helped me to perfect my craft.
  6. He is a constant that I look forward to hearing from, whether it's via a quick phone call, video call or texting throughout the day
    My camera roll on my phone is basically just screenshots of him and our conversations ❤️
  7. He's made my Grinch-like heart grow.
    Before I met him I was bitter, sad and lonely and about to start collecting cats or yarn balls.
  8. I'm actually looking forward to my future
    Because there's a good chance he'll be my partner in crime in it. Hopefully.
  9. He makes a lot of "we" statements which up until recently were incredibly foreign to me. But now, they're becoming increasingly more and more comfortable to me.
  10. Whenever I hear him speak in his native tongue (Icelandic) this is my face: 😍
    Sure, I can't understand it, yet, but I'm slowly learning.
  11. His personality
    It's like mine, but not so much so that we are incompatible. It's just enough that we compliment each other nicely ☺️
  12. His brain.
    He knows like 3-4 languages and he's just as curious about the world as I am.
  13. He loves dog. Cats are fine too, but if I were to own an animal with him it would be a dog. In a heartbeat.
  14. His dimples.
  15. Oh yeah, and I get to see him in a month after not seeing him since January 🤓💘