My Patriotism has a case of Whiskey Dick this year.

I should be more patriotic and American flag waving crazy today, but it's an election year so I'm not. I think besides that I know why too.
  1. Donald Trump is scary close to possibly being our next president.
  2. I've been to some really cool countries that have their shit more in order than we do. Looking at you Scandinavia, you beautiful bastard 😏😗
  3. I've worked almost 30 hours this weekend and I'm exhausted & I still have work to do for my class
  4. I'm running low on money and I don't get paid for another month.
  5. The only good things about this coming November are: I'm going to see Amy Schumer with my mom for her birthday, my boyfriend is coming to America for the first time to meet my family/have a traditional Thanksgiving dinner with us and be with me for two weeks.
  6. In summation, I hope this November we don't fuck it up. I really do like my country it's just hard to watch what we're doing to it everyday.
  7. Make good choices, USA