Norway 16-19/30

A lot has gone down.
  1. We had a fallout between a roommate and the rest of the group because she wrote a terrible Facebook status a day after the Orlando shooting and she then called us, her room/classmate's, closed minded because we are liberal and democrats and she's...not.
    To say the least we are all still walking on eggshells around her. Thank goodness we have a week left together.
  2. Then this past weekend my boyfriend came to Norway from Sweden and we got an apartment/hotel room and the weekend went by really fast.
    When I went to the bus terminal to drop him off I sobbed. I miss him already.
  3. Now this week I have to work my ass off and get shit done so that I can pass the class I paid 5k for.
  4. Also, my professor sent us all individual progress reports and my professor told me to get out of my comfort zone. I've been doing that. He just never sees it. 😒