As it turns out my anxiety is omnipresent. Normally when I travel my anxiety falls away, but today it came back, and it was out for blood.
  1. I got to the station and I am an ugly American and don't use bus terminals very often and I went to information roughy 5x to make sure that I was at the right terminal because my bus wasn't there yet.
    See? Ugly American/kinda terrible traveler apparently.
  2. I got close to thinking that I might miss or have missed my bus already since I didn't see it.
  3. Then i found every bus that matched my tickets color and asked every driver and they didn't know or told me the same one I was just at.
  4. By this point I was panicking, because that's my body's natural impulse when stressed. 💁🏻
  5. I also frantically called my boyfriend after deleted shit off my phone that it has been yelling at me to do for almost a month. He didn't answer which panicked me a bit more, but he's either showering or en route to the stop to get me.
    Either way, panicking.
  6. Then, after another stint at the information desk and from another employee I went right back to where I started.
  7. Finally I found the bus that goes to where the boy and his parents live so I stopped the driver (almost in tears) and asked him if the bus goes to where I'm going.
  8. He said yes, and now I'm finally on the presumably correct bus and I should be back in my boyfriends arms in three hours.
  9. *deep breath*
  10. I think I'm gonna see if I can get medicated for this damn anxiety when I get home.