Puppies and boyfriend(s)

In 50 days I get to see my boyfriend again. It's been almost 6 months since we've seen each other. Here's a short, tentative list of what we are going to do on his first trip to the states. That is, if our country is still here after the election.
  1. We're going to IHOP after he lands so that he can eat and can try it.
  2. Then we're going to Walmart for supplies before going to our hotel. He's really curious to see a Walmart too. It's adorable.
  3. I can't wait to see his reaction to ALL that we're doing in the short two weeks that he'll be here 🤓
  4. We're also going to my hometown, Kansas City, which is the biggest town he's ever been to. We're gonna eat our weight in BBQ and attempt to ice skate.
  5. Then we'll go see some of my family and friends while in the city too.
  6. Then on Christmas weekend we have to go to my mom's for the holiday and sleep on the couch and hopefully it won't be terrible. There's a list about that coming soon.
  7. Then, before he has to leave we are going to Dave & Busters and an animal shelter to look at animals that we (sadly) can't adopt yet.
  8. But until then, here's pictures of his mom's dog Mini. ❤️
  9. And the love of my life and best friend who I see again in 50 short days 😎
  10. Hurry up, December!