It started Monday morning..because who deserves a good start to week?
  1. In my busyness of this semester I've kind of neglected some of the stuff I need to get done for my Norway trip...
  2. I applied for the school that it's through so that I could sign up for the class and I have to wait for the "acceptance letter" even though it's a fluke since I'm already in the program
  3. My contact sucks at replying to emails and I need dates so that I can, you know, buy tickets
  4. I still need to go to the hospital I was born in to get important documents for something to help me graduate next semester & I can never find the motivation I need to to drive the hour to get there
  5. Will I pass my classes?
  6. Will I ever stop pulling my fingernails off because of my anxiety? Probably not since I've been doing it for almost 15 years now.
  7. Will I ever get some of my medical issues resolved?
  8. Will I find a job after I graduate next winter or will I have to work my ass off at an internship that's probably unpaid and be perpetually exhausted?
  9. Will I ever get to move abroad?
  10. Anxiety is exhausting.
  11. When will I get to register for next semester and still get my classes I need to graduate?
  12. When will I get to read for pleasure again? My poor books and magazines look sad.