College sucks, yo.
  1. I'm currently writing this list and I have two assignments to do/finish all due in the next two days.
  2. So far today I've skipped two classes to work on homework for other classes and so far I've:
  3. Messaged my BF a myriad of all things puppy related
  4. Snap chatted pictures of things I was eating to get through my work to my BF
  5. Listened to a playlist roughly 5 times
  6. Only gotten one part of a two part assignment done
  7. Whined about it on various social media sites
  8. Considered going back to my room to write there and listen to records
  9. Considered going to my car and just driving away
  10. Drank coffee en masse
  11. Read articles on the Internet that have nothing to do with my homework
  12. Shared articles on the Internet instead of doing my homework
  13. Thought about going to check my mail to see what package I got today
  14. Yeah, that's about it. I need May to get here ASAP so that I can go to Norway and get out of the bubble of my school and state for awhile 😒