Last week I started medication for anxiety and depression. How's that for timing? I've been hiding it from my family for awhile, but they've known that I'm clinically depressed and have anxiety out the wazoo. Unfortunately, last week's results did me in. I had a doctor appointment at my school's clinic and I told the doc everything.
  1. When I heard the results, I, like so many others considered taking my own life to get out of it. However, my thoughts were fleeting. I told my counselor (while I have him) and my doctor about them and they gave me a script for meds and a card with the Suicide Hotline's number on it.
  2. I haven't called because they haven't returned.
  3. Today I got a text from my brother:
    I tried to be nice, but I was in class and was focusing on that.
  4. Then, my mom text me
  5. Static
  6. Static
  7. I love them and I know they were trying to help or be nice, but I'm devastated. Our country just went to shit and I'm expected to be "okay". I'm too sensitive for that right now.
  8. Unfortunately, I don't think that my mom and brother realize that their white privilege is about to be the only thing that may get them through this. Maybe.
  9. But as a woman with no current birth control other than condoms, I'm terrified.
  10. I'll write more later. I'm currently under a pile of too much homework and it's all due soon, 😩