1. This week to slow down a bit
  2. Motivation to pack my car and move stuff
  3. A bigger bowl of soup
  4. For my depression to back off for a few days
  5. For my to-do list before my trip to shrink
  6. For my bag to pack itself.
  7. A big hug.
    Normally I'm not a big hugger, but I could use it right now.
  8. My boyfriend to be on this continent
  9. My dad
  10. My mom and I have a better relationship
  11. A group of strong dudes to help me move. I'd need like a hour of their time. I got the rest from there.
  12. Someone to tell me that everything will be okay.
  13. For these next few months to fly by
    The summer months are the worst months for me to have to get through.
  14. My therapist.
    Because he's provided through my school he only works during school months.