My anxiety hasn't been as crazy as it normally is, which is surprising. Here's hoping this sticks.
  1. Sat down and wrote a to-do list and stuck it somewhere visible
  2. Did my dishes
    I've always found doing dishes helps me calm down and I have unfortunately been putting mine off for awhile.
  3. Put away laundry and also got several loads ready to be washed. I just need to find the motivation to do that too because I getting low on cu te clothes.
  4. Made myself dinner.
    I live in a dorm and I only have a small fridge and a microwave. I worked with it.
  5. Cleaned out my bathroom drawers.
    They've been getting heavy with lots of unnecessary stuff.
  6. Cleaned the bottom of my bed.
    I finally hung up clothes and stuff.
  7. Now I've lit a calming candle and am watching Gilmore Girls for the umpteenth time and writing another list.
  8. Also, my boss is back from her vacation so now I can talk to her about working this summer after I get home from Norway.
  9. if only my uncle would call me back.
  10. How do you deal with your anxiety?