Patience is a virtue, but sadly I lack it.
  1. An apartment
  2. Plants for the apartment
    My last name is Gardner. Why not try out that green thumb?
  3. One of these guys
    I qualify for an ESA (Emotional Support Animal) and I want it to be one these beauties.
  4. My own bed.
    I've been sleeping on government provided beds and my mom's couch for almost 5 years. It's time to be a big girl.
  5. Bookshelves
    My babies need a home as much as I do.
  6. A decent paying job post-college
  7. I think I just want to take care of something (i.e plants and animals) since no one else wants to take care of me right now.
  8. Actual silverware and dishes. As it turns out drinking wine (when I do drink) out of plastic Solo cups isn't fun. Plus, I want to make food that's not from a plastic cup or needs to be microwaved.
  9. A dishwasher.
    Sometimes I find hand washing cathartic, but there are some things I'd rather let a machine do.