1. A dog
    My depression and anxiety was so bad this past year that I considered cancelling my Norway trip & checking into the psych ward @ my local hospital. I want an ESA.
  2. The job at the publishing company that I'm hoping to get an internship at this fall.
    It's basically my dream job & getting paid for that would only make my life after graduation better.
  3. An apartment
    It doesn't have to be on my own just yet. That will happen in time, but I did get offered to live with a friend of mine when I graduate school if not sooner.
  4. A better GPA
    I had a goal to graduate with a 3.0 so that I could get into grad school if I wanted to after undergrad, but now I'm fighting tooth and nail to get it.
  5. Bookshelves
    My babies need a home. As do I.
  6. My degree.
    I will proudly frame that sucker and hang it wherever I end up. Especially since it has taken me 10 years after graduating high school to get it.