These are all based on personal experience of my first and possibly last LDR.
  1. It can get really lonely.
    I suffer from anxiety and depression and am therefore mildly sensitive to things. However, my BF and I have a lot of trust and are very loyal to one another. However, not seeing each other for months on end is tough.
  2. Your friends like to refer to you as "practically single" because they have yet to meet your SO and have only seen a few pictures, so they just call you single.
  3. When all of your other friends in relationships ask you to hang out you're the third wheel even though you have an SO.
  4. Communication is key.
    If you or your SO isn't into talking about the nitty gritty stuff in life and sharing what's really going on in your heads then you probably have no business being together.
  5. Cracks can easily become chasms
    If you don't communicate with your partner about more than just the surface things than things can get bad fast.