1. Guacamole
    I'm sorry. It's gross.
  2. Game of Thrones
    I may watch it eventually, but I'm not a fan of gore and I've heard there's a lot of it in that show.
  3. Craft beer. Or any beer for that matter.
    Sorry, not sorry. I'm strictly a cocktail girl.
  4. Tropical places.
    I prefer clouds and maybe even rain. I've been to one tropical-ish place in my life and while it was fun, I hated the heat.
  5. Those super healthy fruit bowls that are all over Instagram that look like they have gravel in them.
    I can't bring myself to eat anything that looks like gravel. I would eat everything else but the gravel pudding.
  6. Kale
    I love green veggies as much as the next girl, but I will never understand what's so great about kale.
  7. White bread.
    Thanks to my childhood inability to properly swallow pills I had to stick them in white bread and chew them. Now I have a strong aversion.
  8. Most soft cheeses
    Leave me to my Swiss and sometimes American slices. Too much stinky cheese makes me gag.
  9. Having kids.
    I'm down an ovary thanks to cancer and I'm pretty sure that my chemo has (hopefully) made me infertile, so thanks cancer.
  10. To be continued...
  11. Giant engagement rings. > I think this is a class ring.
    I get the allure of diamonds, but growing up I never had dreams of dresses and cakes. Plus, some of those rings that I've seen lately are gaudy and tacky at best. I'm a fan of simplicity. Sorry.
  12. Sushi
    Maybe it's my texture issues, but no thank you.
  13. Red wine.
    I'm basic. Leave me with my white wines.
  14. Most Superhero movies.
    The Harley Quinn and Jared Leto one that everyone is freaking out about? I don't care.
  15. Oysters.
    My mom loves to eat this on Club crackers when we are watching tv. It takes everything I have not to gag.
  16. Hummus
  17. Red Velvet Cake
    It's like the red wine of of cakes and it leaves your teeth a weird color like you just chewed a tablet from the dentist that shows you where all of the plaque on your teeth is.
  18. Cruises
    Tiny rooms and tons of people. I've seen Titanic, I'll pass. 👎🏻
  19. Jeff Dunham
    Maybe it's the puppets? Either way, he's annoying.