1. Now that most of my friends have moved away/out for the summer or graduated I don't really have anyone else to rely on but myself.
  2. Today I finally got off my ass and moved most of my stuff from one room to another.
  3. I have a LOT of books.
    I'm pretty sure my tv, DVD player and record player are the lightest things I own. Oh, the irony.
  4. I moved a majority of my heavy stuff on my own from one end of campus to another.
  5. I think I only have a car load or two left
  6. I'm weak. My upper body strength isn't as great as my emotional strength because I can't lift my microwave and mini-fridge down 4 flights of stairs because I'm pretty sure I'd fall & break things. I can't have that.
  7. However, I am stronger than I knew. My legs hurt and everything else hurts. But I earned this pain.
  8. I put off taking a shower today so that I could relish the long shower that I'm taking in a little while.
  9. I'm one step closer to packing for my trip and leaving at this time next weekend
    And yes, I will be regularly updating during my trip. It's a month long. Adventures will be had. ☺️
  10. Giphy