I'm done with another semester 🙌🏻 and if things go well I'll be a college graduate in December (thank god). I barely passed but that's a clear sign to me that I'm burnt out.
  1. Slept in really late on days I don't work.
  2. Not done my laundry, which really needs to get done before my trip in a week and a half or so.
  3. Enjoyed the silence and not having to lock my bathroom door anymore.
  4. Started Gilmore Girls for the umpteenth time.
  5. Started watching The Americans. Why did I wait so long?!
    Keri Russell is flawless
  6. Accidentally used almost all of my tax refund check to try and make it until my next payday.
    Getting paid monthly sucks, yo.
  7. Looked into an internship that I would be perfect at at a publishing company in my city. 😍
  8. Got offered an opportunity to live with a friend of mine as soon as I get out of college/before 👍🏻👍🏻
  9. Counted down the days until I finally leave (15) and finally get to see my BF again because 5 months is a long ass time to not see an SO. Props to army wives and girlfriends.
  10. Read-well, a little, I'm working on reading more
  11. Writing- I'm hoping that this months long writing block is finally over. Especially since I have to write while in Norway.