Just those phrases and questions that make you want to inflict harm
  1. "Just want to check on this"
    That email with an order number or a name and "I just want to check". JUST SAY WHAT YOU WANT. You're just checking? It feels a slight breeze. We good?
  2. "My name is... My ID number is... My major is... My address is..."
    USELESS INFORMATION. If we're six sentences in and I still don't know what you want. This has been a useless conversation.
  3. "Why is this so expensive?"
    It isn't. It only cost me $.03 but when I saw you coming I jacked the price up to $200. You know, cause I'm all evil and shit. Expensive things are expensive. The fact that you bought a car from your aunt for $3 doesn't make cars cheap.