I play a lot of games. Often, I start more games than I finish. I still have opinions on them though.
  1. Ni No Junior The Curse of the White Witch
    Wow. The Animation and graphics are gorgeous. It's like playing in a painting. The first town alone was a source of great amusement. (PS3)
  2. Trails in the Sky
    I heard that this game nearly broke Xseed who were tasked with the translation. The game is not long, so I thought, "How could that be?" Talk to everyone! EVERYONE! The towns have tiny little stories going on that make them feel alive and they're only picked up through dialogue. (PSP and computer now.)
  3. Bravely Default
    I play this game mostly in 3D. It's another one that has graphics that are practically painted. The pull here is that the job system is fantastic and fun. Each job grants special abilities that can be used in conjunction with other jobs to make some fun creations. (3DS)