(according to me)
  1. "I swallowed a tapeworm last night. It's going to grow up to three feet inside of me and then it eats all my food so that I don't get fat. And then after three months, I take some medicine and then I pass it. Creed sold it to me. It's from Mexico."
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  2. "it's Halloween. that is really really good timing"
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  3. "Clarice"
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  4. "then suddenly...she ain't yo ho no mo"
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  5. "got it a week after we started dating"
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  6. "I need a username and I have a great one. "Little Kid Lover". that way people will know exactly where my priorities are at."
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  7. "Today smoking is going to save lives"
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  8. "Jim's been looking at me kind of a lot all week. I would have been creeped out by it, but it's nothing compared to the way Michael looks at me."
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