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  1. Fruit cup - numerous times, one of their most reliable breakfasts, although the honeydew is consistently unripe
  2. Vanilla ice cream - server in dining car begged me to eat it in Eugene, OR. Packaged, not bad.
  3. Turkey sandwich - not very good, kind of dry
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Starting at the tender age of 7, I discovered heavy metal. After my rabbi sent a note home in the third grade urging my parents to skip Halloween, I was encouraged to look further into the occult. While I was fascinated by any allusions to Satanic music, I never actually got to hear anything directly influenced by the devil until I was 26.
  1. Motley Crüe - Shout At The Devil
    Title is misleading. Even the track "God Bless The Children of The Beast" reveals nothing about what the children of the beast actually do
  2. AC/DC - Back In Black
    Although the band was in mourning for recently deceased singer Bon Scott, there was nothing really Satanic about this album. Even "Hell's Bells" was basically blues rock.
  3. Black Sabbath - Black Sabbath
    A stoner lifeguard at the Palo Alto JCC gave me this cassette in 1989. Great songwriting, some real Boris Karloff influence, but zero directly Satanic content.
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To celebrate the 25th anniversary of my Bar Mitzvah and the elaborate deposit-checks-to-cash scam I pulled (sorry mom), here's a list of the best presents I received in the 3 months preceding 8/25/90.
  1. Approximately $1200 in Tower Records gift certificates
  2. Roughly $2000 in checks from relatives that were deposited to "cash" and spent on heavy metal and punk cassettes and CDs at Tower Records
  3. The Rolling Stone illustrated history of Rock N' Roll
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