To celebrate the 25th anniversary of my Bar Mitzvah and the elaborate deposit-checks-to-cash scam I pulled (sorry mom), here's a list of the best presents I received in the 3 months preceding 8/25/90.
  1. Approximately $1200 in Tower Records gift certificates
  2. Roughly $2000 in checks from relatives that were deposited to "cash" and spent on heavy metal and punk cassettes and CDs at Tower Records
  3. The Rolling Stone illustrated history of Rock N' Roll
  4. The Rolling Stones 25th anniversary chronology
  5. My Tallis (lost approximately 1995)
  6. Kiddish cup (lost approximately 2002)
  7. Instant Polaroid camera (never used)
  8. Sony digital radio Walkman (no cassette player)
  9. The Jewish book of Why (sounds intriguing but never read)