I really love podcasts...these are some of my favorites.
  1. Extra Hot Great
    A TV podcast hosted by the people who run Previously.TV (also, the people who started Television Without Pity, which basically started recapping of TV as we know it). Fun segments of note: the recaps of Face-Off by a 6 year old, The Canon, Game Time.
  2. Gilmore Guys
    Two guys recap Gilmore Girls. One has seen it before, the other never has. Usually has a guest of varying familiarity with the show. There's also Gilmore Gabs, where they talk to people that were associated with the show, Gilmail Guys, where they go over voicemails and emails from listeners, and Call My Name, a call in show. It's funny and a good listen.
  3. Pop Culture Happy Hpur
    NPR podcasts about all aspects of pop culture. Hosted by Linda Holmes, the panel discusses Verizon's subjects, from music in movies to their favorite theme parks. They end each episode with what's making them happy that week, a small thing that can span the pop culture world that brought them joy that week.
  4. Switched On Pop
    A music podcast hosted by a musicologist and a singer/songwriter, it delves into various aspects that are used in pop music. They also take a deep look at specific songs like Taylor Swift's "Blank Space" and Hozier's "Take Me To Church" dissecting the song and seeing how the message is displayed in not just the lyrics, but also the actual music.
  5. How Did This Get Made
    Paul Scheer, Jason Manzoukas, and June Diane Raphel watch ridiculous movies and talk about them. Often have live episodes where the audience is invited to ask questions, often to hilarious results.