I was diagnosed with diabetes this week. On top of that my father also had a stroke. So needless to say I have spent a lot of time in hospitals this week. As I write this I'm in the Laconia, nh hospital. So here's the list.
  1. On a whole, there is far too much junk food
  2. There's always a salad bar.
    Salad bars are disgusting. As a person who has worked in food service most of his life, I hate salad bars. As a general rule, hospitals should stay away from this type of thing but they don't.
  3. Why would they have any self service items to begin with... THE PEOPLE ARE SICK.
  4. There is always pizza (also self service)
  5. They seem like they are a lot more for the employees than the people in it.
    Due to the diabetes I have to eat often, so I stop by the cafeteria often, but I think it's also more out of curiosity than actually needing to eat
  6. I'm always the only person that doesn't work in the hospital in the place.
    Even at lunch time these places seem dead as fuck all the time. It's always like 6-8 doctors or nurses or whatever and me...
  7. They always have a really weird dinner/main course area that is offering strange bigger meals. Today's was American chop suey or salmon... What.
  8. As much as I hate them... I love them. I love a weird, empty, shitty cafeteria... I don't know why.