The Social Aspect of Drinking Is So Much Fun

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    So a few months ago like four of my friends and I all started a beer drinking group where we just a set a night and try a bunch of different drinks
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    "Beer night" is honestly one of the nicest things about my life right now
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    It's something to look forward to in a week
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    It's definitely brought all of us closer together
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    And it's become just a silly relaxed time to talk and laugh while concurrently exploring a super fun new hobby
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    We'll either talk about our lives or we'll talk about what we're getting on the nose or the tongue with each new brew we try
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    It's a little snobbish of a hobby, but it's never malicious and every night's a time
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    Do I drink too much now?
    Maybe just a teence
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    But generally, I love my friends, and Im looking forward to nights to come
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    Cheers 🍺😊