Fictional Men That I'd Go Into a Dream Coma For

Inspired by @wonderishmama
  1. Jax Teller. "Sons of Anarchy" was a great show, but how many people watched for Jax?
  2. Marty McFly, "Back to the Future." The first film came out during my birth year. So I was watching the series later on as young kid. Marty was so cool from his shoes, car and hoverboard. 8 year old me loved him.
  3. Alcide Herveaux. "True Blood" bae for life. Every other scene in the show his shirt is off. Wolf, wolf!!!
  4. Jordan Catalano from "My So Called Life." 9 year old me wanted to teach him how to read.
  5. Eric Northman. My other love from "True Blood." I still want a Viking King.
  6. Tim Riggins, "Friday Night Lights." Perfect in almost every high school star way.
  7. Jim Stark, "Rebel Without A Cause." Still a standard of classic hotness.
  8. John Luther, "Luther." No explanation needed.
  9. Jesse Pinkman, "Breaking Bad." I'd do drugs if drug dealers looked and acted like Jesse.
  10. Wade Kinsella, "Hart of Dixie." I'd moved to Alabama for him.
  11. Sebastian Valmont, "Cruel Intentions." Bad high school kids.
  12. Romeo, "Romeo + Juliet," who didn't want Romeo?
  13. Dylan McKay, "Beverly Hills 90210." I was too young to be watching this show as a kid. But little me loved some Dylan.
  14. Dr. Jackson Avery "Grey's Anatomy." This show is how I expect all young doctors to look at a hospital. NYU medical and Weill Cornell come close.
  15. Noah, "The Notebook." This is what women imagine love to be like.
  16. Magic Mike. I love a white guy that can dance.
  17. Eric Delko, "CSI: Miami." Save me...
  18. Johnny, "Graceland." I'd go undercover for him.
  19. Hassan "The Hundred-Foot Journey." Cook for me!
  20. Han Sing, "Romeo Must Die." We could practice martial arts together.
  21. The Woodsman, "Once Upon a Time." I watched the first season for him.
  22. Pacey, "Dawson's Creek." Must be on any character list.
  23. Julian, "One Tree Hill." That smile!
  24. Chuck Bass, "Gossip Girl." King of cool.
  25. Khal Drogo, "Game of Thrones." Straight eye candy.