Inspired by @wonderishmama
  1. Jax Teller. "Sons of Anarchy" was a great show, but how many people watched for Jax?
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  2. Marty McFly, "Back to the Future." The first film came out during my birth year. So I was watching the series later on as young kid. Marty was so cool from his shoes, car and hoverboard. 8 year old me loved him.
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  3. Alcide Herveaux. "True Blood" bae for life. Every other scene in the show his shirt is off. Wolf, wolf!!!
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  4. Jordan Catalano from "My So Called Life." 9 year old me wanted to teach him how to read.
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  5. Eric Northman. My other love from "True Blood." I still want a Viking King.
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  6. Tim Riggins, "Friday Night Lights." Perfect in almost every high school star way.
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  7. Jim Stark, "Rebel Without A Cause." Still a standard of classic hotness.
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  8. John Luther, "Luther." No explanation needed.
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  9. Jesse Pinkman, "Breaking Bad." I'd do drugs if drug dealers looked and acted like Jesse.
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  10. Wade Kinsella, "Hart of Dixie." I'd moved to Alabama for him.
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  11. Sebastian Valmont, "Cruel Intentions." Bad high school kids.
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  12. Romeo, "Romeo + Juliet," who didn't want Romeo?
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  13. Dylan McKay, "Beverly Hills 90210." I was too young to be watching this show as a kid. But little me loved some Dylan.
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  14. Dr. Jackson Avery "Grey's Anatomy." This show is how I expect all young doctors to look at a hospital. NYU medical and Weill Cornell come close.
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  15. Noah, "The Notebook." This is what women imagine love to be like.
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  16. Magic Mike. I love a white guy that can dance.
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  17. Eric Delko, "CSI: Miami." Save me...
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  18. Johnny, "Graceland." I'd go undercover for him.
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  19. Hassan "The Hundred-Foot Journey." Cook for me!
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  20. Han Sing, "Romeo Must Die." We could practice martial arts together.
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  21. The Woodsman, "Once Upon a Time." I watched the first season for him.
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  22. Pacey, "Dawson's Creek." Must be on any character list.
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  23. Julian, "One Tree Hill." That smile!
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  24. Chuck Bass, "Gossip Girl." King of cool.
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  25. Khal Drogo, "Game of Thrones." Straight eye candy.
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