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  1. Objects in mirror are closer than appear
  2. Biologically an only child
  3. Cats in the cradle
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  1. Haven't listed in forever.
  2. I've insta'd about the weather twice in the last week.
    They are funny though, decide for yourself - same name on instagram.
  3. I have zero clue who to vote for in local races
    Will spend some time researching today.
  4. I have no idea what @biz @LizDawson @bjnovak or @Bourdain have been up to lately.
  1. @biz I like your new profile pic?
  2. @biz is that a new pic?
  3. @biz your list is cool but really i just like your new profile pic
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  1. Boil water
  2. Grind my favorite beans
  3. Add grounds to clever dripper cone
    The paper filer has been wetted to keep out papery taste.
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Moving into 2016
  1. Sincerity in ' 16
    I want (everyone really) to be more sincere in the coming year.
  2. Relisted by BJ Novak
    After typing that, I realized that I want the iPhone to first recognize relisted as a word. Secondly, but equally as important, I want @bjnovak to relist me this coming year.
    The list app is the new deal and I hope to get my friends (and/or acquaintances) ((okay, okay - at least my family)) on the list app. Possibly for the selfish endeavor of adding followers. Maybe even some of those i already follow - @bjnovak @Nicholas @brookielyons
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  1. Love Actually
  2. Muppets (...anything muppets really)
  3. Wes Anderson films
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Everyone has those little things about them that are unique to them & often cannot be explained. Trouble only starts when one man's quirk is another man's (or woman's) pet peeve.
  1. Odd (usually prime) alarm clock time
    I rarely set an alarm, but when I do it is never on a precise hour or half or even quarter-hour. For example: my alarms right now are set at 4:37 am, 5:17 am, & 6:43 am.
  2. Buttering bread with spoon
    I have found it easier & smoother to spread butter (or margarine) onto bread with the convex side of a spoon. It seems to glide right off just perfectly.
  3. Shower routine
    Maybe this is a separate list altogether, which means I make it one later. Shampoo - then while shampoo is in hair, wash body with bar soap - rinse; Conditioner - then while conditioner is in hair, wash face with face wash - rinse. Done. *in some instances, I will shampoo & condition my beard but this is a secret so please don't tell anyone.
  4. More to come...
  1. Soccer under a rainbow
  2. Christmas Sweaters in Bitmoji
  3. Wedding reception dancefloor
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  1. XMU - ch 35
  2. Alt Nation - ch 36
  3. Spectrum - ch 28
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