Moving into 2016
  1. Sincerity in ' 16
    I want (everyone really) to be more sincere in the coming year.
  2. Relisted by BJ Novak
    After typing that, I realized that I want the iPhone to first recognize relisted as a word. Secondly, but equally as important, I want @bjnovak to relist me this coming year.
    The list app is the new deal and I hope to get my friends (and/or acquaintances) ((okay, okay - at least my family)) on the list app. Possibly for the selfish endeavor of adding followers. Maybe even some of those i already follow - @bjnovak @Nicholas @brookielyons
  4. Complain less, Thank more
    I want to be more grateful in the new year. Complaining may have its place, but no longer in my everyday life :)
  5. Politics
    No Trump, no matter what.