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It's really fun to hate on 2016, but I'm an eternal optimist and contrarian.
  1. I made a podcast with my best friend. It was a really fun, creative experiment. I can't wait to create more in 2017.
  2. I wrote my thesis. I just need to revise and defend it. In 2017, I will be a Master of Communication!
  3. I'm an aunt again! #LittleLiam was born in April. I didn't think I'd know what to do with a boy, but he's a keeper.
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I make a weekly podcast about online dating with my best friend. We review apps, but also document our dating trials and travails. You might imagine this can be awkward. You can find us here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/swipe-right-on-molly-thomas/id1076207989?mt=2
  1. I'm pretty introverted and can be emotionally closed off at times. (My MBTI type is INTJ if that means anything.) But for whatever reason, telling perfect strangers about my life is much easier than it should be.
  2. My voice is weird. I have vocal fry. I've performed and done public speaking since I was 5, but in a casual conversation, I find my voice so hard to listen to.
  3. Men don't like girls who do podcasts about online dating. But this one wasn't a shocker.
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  1. Having no set time to wake up. Luxuriating in bed. Waking up slowly. Sleeping as long as I want.
  2. A good, hearty belly laugh. Making people laugh and laughing myself.
  3. Puppies and dogs in any form. It's even better when they're mine and cuddling with me in bed. (See the first item.)
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