I make a weekly podcast about online dating with my best friend. We review apps, but also document our dating trials and travails. You might imagine this can be awkward. You can find us here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/swipe-right-on-molly-thomas/id1076207989?mt=2
  1. I'm pretty introverted and can be emotionally closed off at times. (My MBTI type is INTJ if that means anything.) But for whatever reason, telling perfect strangers about my life is much easier than it should be.
  2. My voice is weird. I have vocal fry. I've performed and done public speaking since I was 5, but in a casual conversation, I find my voice so hard to listen to.
  3. Men don't like girls who do podcasts about online dating. But this one wasn't a shocker.
  4. I'm more flexible and willing to try new things than I seem.
  5. I also have pretty rigid opinions on some things that I'm not afraid to defend.
  6. Burning guys who ghost you on a podcast may not be the best thing in the world to do, but it is really fun.
  7. Making something like this (especially with my best friend) has been the most fun thing I've ever done. It's all consuming. I want it to last forever.