I've noticed, despite being a seventeen-year-old boy born to human parents, I exhibit many MANY similarities to a dog.
  1. I need outside stimulation a lot
    Going on walks and soaking up sun are new things I do that I can no longer seperate from.
  2. I get giddy when my parents come home after being home alone
    I'm homeschooled, I need social interaction.
  3. I express positive and negative feedback through loud, uncivilized sounds
    Such include fart noises, monster sounds, and mouth pops.
  4. I'm not the biggest fan of cats
    ...or dogs, frankly...
  5. I eat basically the same things everyday
    Sandwiches and a fruit. Every meal. I'm weird like that.
  6. I sleep in weird contortions
    Apparently in the night, I squirm into acrobatic formations, somehow.
  7. I recognize my name when mentioned
    It's true. I pick up on that.