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Is Steve Avery guilty?
  1. Yes?
  2. No?
  3. My answer:
  4. NO
  1. It's Friday...
    ...and you know what that means.
  2. Tonight me and bae are going to drink champagne while we finish Making a Murderer AND WE CANT WAIT.
  3. Tomorrow I'll probably clean the house which will make me feel like an actual human that is a productive member of society.
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This is a list in progress
  1. Set up "glamp" when I have my own backyard
  2. Go to Thailand
  3. Stop complaining
25 more...
  1. ...I had a Belgian waffle with whipped cream for breakfast?
  2. ...I sometimes share articles before reading them?
  3. ...Christmas lights still fill me with wonder and joy?
4 more...
  1. Type "Con Brio (R&B)" into Pandora
    They say music sets the tone for the night. Trust me, you want the tone to be a mix of Sade, Lauryn Hill, and a little band called Con Brio.
  2. 4 bottles of red wine, all different and all cheap
    Red wine makes you feel the way a candle looks. You know what I mean.
  3. A potluck of delish dishes
    You know that feeling of wanting to contribute whenever you go to someone's house for dinner? Embrace it. When everyone brings their own spice to the party, it's a delicious party.
2 more...
  1. Amelie
    I'd really just like to be her for life.
  2. Jenny Slate
    She is a magical creature who lives her best life and inspires me to live mine.
  3. Serena Williams
    When I need to feel confident and powerful, I picture Serena and her 21 grand slams.
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This is probably the bravest list anyone could choose to post, cause who really wants to admit they like mayonnaise?
  1. "Best Song Ever" by One Direction.
    Put this song on and I dare you not to dance and jump around like a 12 year old girl.
  2. Cheez-Its
    They're made with real cheese OKAY
  3. Looking at the baby outfits in any store
    I am 24. Definitely not planning on having children anytime soon (if ever). But I still melt into a huge puddle whenever I see an itty bitty onesie.
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I am literally going to scroll through my library with my eyes closed and give each photo a title, like a lil work of art.
  1. 1.
    4th Street Bowl
  2. 2.
    That Fish Cray
  3. 3.
    Let Them Eat Cake
2 more...
  1. The Office
    Duh. I have already watched the entire series at least four times. Doo doooooooo, do do do do dooooo, dun dun dunna nunna
  2. House of Cards
    Knock knock.
  3. Parks and Recreation
    Because Amy is all the things.