Prepare for a very long list.
  1. Amelie
    I'd really just like to be her for life.
  2. Jenny Slate
    She is a magical creature who lives her best life and inspires me to live mine.
  3. Serena Williams
    When I need to feel confident and powerful, I picture Serena and her 21 grand slams.
  4. Frida Kahlo
    I watched the movie Frida when I was 8, and she scared the shit out of me. It wasn't till I was older that I understood how important that was.
  5. Sofia Coppola
    Marie Antoinette y'all.
  6. bayareaeats
    If you don't follow her on Instagram, go do that right now. This woman knows that a true foodie does more than take pictures of trendy, gooey #foodporn. She really cares about the amazing food the Bay Area has to offer.
  7. Chrissy Teigen
    What is her life? Like really, I want to know, that's why she's on this list.
  8. Nina Simone
    That voice. That soul.
  9. Jane Goodall
    Have you ever watched videos of gorillas speaking in sign language? It will actually change your life.
  10. Whoever runs Bon Appetit's Twitter account
    The tweets I write wish they could be this good.