Guilty Pleasures

This is probably the bravest list anyone could choose to post, cause who really wants to admit they like mayonnaise?
  1. "Best Song Ever" by One Direction.
    Put this song on and I dare you not to dance and jump around like a 12 year old girl.
  2. Cheez-Its
    They're made with real cheese OKAY
  3. Looking at the baby outfits in any store
    I am 24. Definitely not planning on having children anytime soon (if ever). But I still melt into a huge puddle whenever I see an itty bitty onesie.
  4. Target
    There is nothing I don't need at Target.
  5. Tapioca pudding
    Call me 82 but this shit is my jam.
  6. Canceling plans
    Better yet- when the other person cancels on me.
  7. Pad Thai
    It ain't healthy. It's not even authentic Thai food. But by god I could eat this for every meal.