Happiness Goals

This is a list in progress
  1. Set up "glamp" when I have my own backyard
  2. Go to Thailand
  3. Stop complaining
  4. Stop drinking soda
  5. But a lottery ticket with heads up pennies
  6. Read every Humans of New York post
  7. Sell a piece of my own art to a stranger
  8. Feel my heart beating fast at least once a day
  9. Grow a garden
  10. Read Ms. Rumphius again
  11. Create my own recipe
  12. Hold a snake
  13. Take a cross country roadtrip of America
  14. Give two things away for each new thing I get
  15. Read more books
  16. When I fail, try again
  17. Call my parents more
  18. Design and sew an article of clothing
  19. Look through a gigantic telescope
  20. Meet someone new once a week
  21. Say, "no" less
  22. Have a conversation with a parrot
  23. Volunteer at a nursing home
  24. Go to Australia
  25. Go to New Orleans
  26. Start cooking all the recipes I've pinned
  27. Sit less
  28. Ride a horse again