@ Seattle Immersive Theatre
  1. The design
    Beautiful fucking rooms. Every single one. The details, the work and care that went into creating all the spaces. A dining room that evokes Versailles, a church that evokes the loathing guilt instilled in us as young Catholics, all of it.
  2. The snacks
    Good choices! Mini quiches are always a hit. Would've been fun to pair up with a restaurant and get some sponsored catering. But still, a very welcome and tasty snack.
  3. Discounted ticket w/ TPS
    Paying half price made the lack of free-flowing champagne feel a little less disappointing.
  4. Casting
    Ryan Higgins was made for Mercutio. Marianna de Fazio was killing it as Romeo on his journey. Carter Rodriquez on fucking point as the Nurse. The Friar, Juliet, Tybalt, Lady Capulet, Benvolio, Balthazar. It was apparent everyone was doing their work and finding those fun and poignant moments.
  5. Lack of blood
    You're right. Don't need it.