1. Lady Mary and Lady Edith settle their differences once and for all with a knockdown drag out pillow fight.
    If they're going to act like children, they should settle it like children.
  2. A member of the family is shown reading one of the many books in the "library".
  3. Lady Mary spends more than 5 minutes with Master George.
  4. Mr. Bates comes to work stinking drunk and gets sacked for putting Lord Grantham's cummerbund on upside down. Thomas is shown in the background snickering.
  5. 80s Night!
  6. Lady Rose returns from America with stories of a mysterious Mr. Gatsby, who is apparently smitten with her.
  7. After a particularly cutting remark by Lady Mary, the Dowager Countess says, "10 points to Gryffindor!"
  8. Mrs. Patmore impatiently waiting in front of the microwave for the sauce to heat up.
  9. Stanley Steamer leaving the castle after cleaning up the aftermath of Lord Grantham's exploding ulcer.
  10. Cora in her yoga pants rushing out to Jazzercise.
    She's always having breakfast in bed, she must be doing something to stay in shape!
  11. Lady Edith re-enacting the Madonna video for "Material World" on the big staircase.
    With Carson and Barrow in tuxes dancing with her.