What I love about Sunday's in my life now

I've made some new life choices because of the amour of work my business, career, and life demand. I'm happy with Sunday's again.
  1. I get to sleep in.
    8 am is an awesome sleep in time for me. 5am is my normal six days a week.
  2. I have time for grinding my own beans and making pour over coffee.
    I love coffee and prefer making small batches or cups rather than pots. Pour over is a craft to master.
  3. The clock runs slower, much slower on Sunday. I can also ignore it for long hours on end.
  4. My church has two services on Sunday, when I go, I can go to the 11:15 service and make church a highlight of my week rather than a chore or obligation.
  5. I can take time to reset myself for the week.
    Do the little things to make for a great week.
  6. I can clean a bit.
    Clean up stuff and enjoy doing it.
  7. Journey, explore, and listen. These take time. I have time again. Whether doing it externally or between my ears, Sunday's are magical for this.
  8. Time compose a list like this.