Strips with the greatest illustrated characters, atmospheres, and stories. And quotes that illustrate their greatness.
  1. Calvin and Hobbes
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    Hobbes: "What's the point of attaching a number to everything you do?" Calvin: "If your numbers go up, it means you're having more fun." Hobbes: "Science to the spirit's rescue once again."
  2. Peanuts
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    Lucy, aggressively: "You could never be a doctor, you know why? Because you don't love mankind, that's why!" Linus: "I love mankind... It's people I can't stand!!"
  3. Foxtrot
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    Online poker site: "Please describe your level of gameplay. [] Expert [] Semi-expert [] Fool who thinks he's an expert, but is about to learn a cruel lesson" P: "Are you sure you want to do this, dad?" R: "Expert!"