Random photos on my phone, chosen at random randomly

  1. Bc it's confusing that's why
  2. Undercuts I want
  3. Miss van is my fav artist. follow her Instagram
  4. My fav reaction gif
  5. A list of thing supermodel Gisel doesn't eat like I'll ever fucking follow that diet
  6. Grey gardens Bc I love that old fashioned crazy
  7. That day I was snowed in and watched ET with my dog
  8. Bill nye and Neil degrasse Tyson on the Nyc subway bc this is a possible thing to see in real life and I can only hope
  9. Linda belcher : comes up when my mom calls
  10. Totally works but I'll forget if I take it off my phone seriously with all the spring allergies going on try this it's amazing
  11. Clarissa explains it all wearing a Keith haring shirt - life goals
  12. Postsecret always makes me feel better if you do to kno what it is check it out