premiered on Netflix today
  1. episode opener
    homage to old school television with episode titles and classic deep tracks. you know you're watching a thoughtful production.
  2. Dev's parents (played by Aziz Ansari's parents)
    Dev's father particularly stands out, and we are led to assume that this probably parallels the real life relationship between Ansari and his dad. it's easy to see where Ansari gets his comedy chops.
  3. the episode where Dev takes his girl on a first date to Nashville
    come on!
  4. the team
    a Parks & Recreation reunion of sorts, which makes me pretty fucking happy. written by Aziz Ansari & Alan Yang; co-produced by Harris Wittels (heartbreaking to see his name flash on the screen and know that his work is done, such a hilarious guy), Joe Mande and Mike Schur.
  5. Aziz Ansari
    Aziz Ansari has found his calling as star of the show. he remains as funny as ever, like the Tom Haverford we all know and love, but better because Dev a nice, real guy. and hell, did you ever know that you wish Aziz Ansari was your boyfriend?
  6. Dev's friends
    every good show has a tight knit group of friends. Dev's friends are an eclectic bunch in personality and in looks, and the show opens each of them just enough to befriend them as supporting cast.
  7. not just a bunch of white people
    I know that this is very important. this show is better than this being the best thing about it, but it's pretty great seeing a non-all white cast on the screen. the show touches on interracial relationships, being first generation in the U.S., and just how many white people are on TV.
  8. the food
    Aziz Ansari has a widely-known reputation as a foodie, and such carries over to his character. they miss their flight for barbecue sauce, and one of the sweetest scenes in the whole season is when Dev makes homemade pasta carbonara- a dish I've heard Ansari speak of as a favorite. pasta.
  9. "just like that."
    full of heart until the very last moment.