Why must we torture parents of toddlers with daylight savings? DON'T WE SUFFER ENOUGH. I mean, we have toddlers!!
  1. Wait, he's up already?
    The iPhone says 5:45a. But the clock says 6:45a. Crap. Daylight savings fall back used to be so awesome.
  2. We can't go outside, it's not even 7a.
    Ok. Forget it. Stop pulling the door handle. Outside we go.
  3. I'm going to push his nap to get him back on track.
    I can do it.
  4. Nevermind. Nap time!!
  5. Off to the park. Massive "more swing time" tantrum.
    Say "daylight savings is the worst." Receive knowing looks from other post-Halloween toddler parents. Score.
  6. Dark early means we need more inside activities.
    He seems into stirring with a big spoon. So now we've "stirred" stuff all over the kitchen. And he's LOVING it. And yelling. Stirring is not as calming as I thought.
  7. Finally bed time.
    Crap, it's 5:30p. Back outside.
  8. WE MADE IT TO 6:20!!
    Which is actually 7:20. YES! Victory lap.
  9. Now, what time will he get up tomorrow...
    *opens wine*