1. Use good quality meat - you can really taste the difference! I use organic grass-fed ground beef that is 80/20. You want all that good fat in there.
  2. Use only the freshest ingredients - fresh minced basil, parsley, garlic and onions create the most flavor.
  3. Use rolled oats in place of breadcrumbs for gluten-free meatballs. They give them a great texture and are much healthier!
  4. Never fry your meatballs in oil first. I've found placing the raw meatballs in boiling hot pasta sauce creates the best flavor.
  5. The longer you can cook your meatballs the BETTER! If you have time cook them on a low simmer in the pasta sauce for 4-6 hours. I promise the difference in taste is incredible.
  6. Always top your finished meatballs with fresh herbs and crushed red pepper to bring out the flavors inside.
  7. By the way I've made at least 50 different variations of meatballs about 100 times. I consider myself a bit of a connoisseur 😊
  8. Check out my Instagram for all my many different meatball recipes 😛 @the_organic_heart
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