1. Finally getting that one eyelash out of your eyeball.
  2. Waking up a few hours before your alarm clock goes off then realizing you still have those precious few hours to sleep.
  3. The aroma of garlic, onions and herbs being sautéed in butter.
  4. Finding a top that is acceptable to not wear a bra in.
  5. Doing laundry and finding $20 cash in your partners jeans, and never mentioning it to them.
  6. Sleeping in bed with freshly washed sheets.
  7. All day Breaking Bad marathons.
  8. When your fried eggs come out perfectly medium and runny are not over cooked.
  9. When waiting in a very long line at a store and the cash register next to you opens and says "I can take you here".
  10. Johnny Depp in Chocolat.
  11. I think my last one sums up this whole list.