Inspired by a few of the li.st app users on here and I'm suddenly feeling quite nostalgic.
  1. The choices for listening to music back then: WALKMAN VS DISCMAN
    I broke my first one then got the "Walkman Sports" one as a replacement. I didn't get a Discman until later..until it apparently wasn't "hip" anymore.
  2. Had to press record/play buttons simultateouly just to record a favorite song on the radio. My version of mixtapes.
  3. Ordered music videos I actually wanted to see on TV...or simply recorded music videos from shows on videotape via VCR
  4. Items found in the classroom: overhead projectors, trapper keepers, Lisa Frank everything, rollaway TV carts with VCR
  5. How I had to research things:
    Encyclopedias galore and actually locating books in the library through Dewey Decimal System
  6. Then, save my school work on actual floppy disks..to be printed out at a later time.
  7. Getting on the internets was fun...
    What's that awful background noise?
  8. New Phone Who Dis?
    We've come a long way..
  9. Then there's these cool thingamajigs.. Admittedly, bought it just for the aesthetics. I can't remember if it actually tasted good or not. I guess that's my answer. Ha.
  10. Oh, then there's this MTV Dating Show of the past..
    Singled Out.
  11. ...and while we're at, let's talk about a particular goofy dance show called MTV's "The Grind" https://youtu.be/DHTyG8x5UPo
    It's a long video but let's just appreciate the sweet moves and the fashion for a just a min.