Inspired by @roaringsoftly
  1. People who offer their seats on a crowded bus/train so you don't have to stand awkwardly and ultimately lose your balance because you're clumsy asf
  2. People who hold the door for you when you've got your hands full
  3. People who say "thank you"
  4. People who bring me food whenever I am hangry
  5. People who offer help or bring me things (pads, junk food, meds, etc.) when I'm feeling not my best or feeling sickly
  6. People who ask if anybody else want any more food before completely destroying a dish.
  7. People who DO NOT COMMENT on my weight (especially if you know I've gained weight)
  8. People who actually try to hold the elevator door for you when they know you're running to get to it
  9. People who text back promptly/as soon as they're able to do so