1. Free Food
  2. Free shipping with no minimum purchase
  3. Free gift with purchase
  4. > 60% off sale
  5. "Would you like to try a sample?"
  6. "Do you want some coffee? What do you want/like?"
  7. Accents
  8. "Let's go get some breakfast"
  9. "I brought Baskin Robbins for us" [Pralines and Cream, Jamoca Almond Fudge, please and thank you]
  10. "Let's go to the beach for the weekend"
  11. Correct usage of: Your and You're/To and Too/There and Their/Than and Then
  12. "I will support you despite our differing views"
  13. "Let's go see @mindy at ____ " in DC
  14. $1 Book Sale
  15. [Insert references about my favorite shows]
  16. "I've got tickets to see your favorite band/singer/actor/actress/comedian"
  17. "Girl's Night Out"
  18. Happy Hour Specials [Discount food and drinks, what's not to love?]