📸 The Last 5 Photos I Took, Explained

  1. Overgrown house plant.
    This is at my Moms house. It's gnarly, it gets so much sun and water and just goes crazy. It made me feel warm but edgy( bad pun intended)
  2. Car with "iblow" number sticker.
    I spent the entire light trying to figure out why this person likes to advertise they give head in 2010 I everything style. Eventually I realized it was for old faithful.
  3. Me sitting by a plant.
    This was on saint patricks. My wife took it, note the green: I'm wearing a green shirt and trainer combo beneath a green plant beneath a predominantly sea foam green abstract painting I inherited when my dad passed.
  4. Side of pregnant bull dog that looks like an owl.
    For 3 years we've had this dog and I never once realized she has an owl pattern on her side. I fucking love owls, how could I be so oblivious.
  5. Chocolate biscuit with dark spot.
    I was just surprised my chocolate biscuit midnight snack had this dark spot. I like to think it was one in a million and then I ate it and I'm one in a millions