I regularly have to admit that I've seen horrible or confusing movies in the theater. This is just a selection of those movies.
  1. Prometheus (2012)
    Weird-ass prequel to Alien, a movie I've never actually seen...
  2. August Rush (2007)
    Why? Why did I go to this horrible and unbelievable movie?
  3. Wrath of the Titans 3D (2012)
    The only thing worse than a 3D movie is one that was filmed in 2D with 3D added later.
  4. Happy Feet (2006)
    The power had been out for a week in August and that cold theater was amazing.
  5. Made of Honor (2008)
    It was a sneak in double feature after paying for the first and it still wasn't worth it.
  6. The Hobbit 3D 48fps Megascreen (2012)
    That fps was a mistake 10 seconds in, but I pretended it was awesome because the ticket was $20.
  7. Don't Mess with the Zohan (2008)
    I couldn't get this horrible blind internet date to end, but 1hr53min (OMG) of silence was perfect. I might be the only person who would say going to this movie was a good decision.