After water, tea is the most widely consumed drink in the world. So sit down coffee-ers.
  1. Masala Chai
    There are many authentic versions of masala chai across Asia. The blend of spice not only wakes you up, but also reinforces your boldness for the day. I'm quite partial to India's chaiwalas. Trust me they can mix their spices.
  2. Jasmine
    A wonderfully light green tea. If you're like me and swear by black tea, this tea is a great opener into the green world.
  3. Oolong
    As a traditional Chinese tea, a good blend of oolong tea can be hard to find, especially where I live. Oolong is partially fermented tea so there's a unique process of production. (Black tea is fully fermented, green tea is unfermented) It's flavor depends on the type and production and can range from woody and thick to sweet and fruity.
  4. English Breakfast
    A good, hearty black tea. Add some milk and tea biscuits and you're british for a morning.
  5. Irish Breakfast
    It's more robust than the English breakfast tea as it usually contains a more Assam flavor. Add some whisky and the day just got interesting.
  6. Lemon Ginger Tea
    Wonderful during the winter or any time you're sick. I chose this over peppermint tea because lemon ginger is never overpowering. It's always soothing.
  7. Earl Grey
    the flavor palate is amazingly unique
    Suggested by @asapanj